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The usual small print. Please find our booking terms and conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy below.

Terms and conditions

SAILORdudes Sailing Adventures is a trade name of Byte Works B.V., hereinafter called 'SAILORdudes'. Bookings are not confirmed until approved by SAILORdudes and until (part of) the price for a sailing adventure has been paid. SAILORdudes is not responsible for information and/or terms and conditions provided by third parties that offer our group and/or tailor-made sailing adventures. Only the information on www.sailordudes.com is valid. By making any payments for the booking of your group or tailor-made sailing adventure, you confirm to agree with our terms and conditions and privacy policy.



SAILORdudes reserves the right to use alternative ports of embarkation and disembarkation. This will only occur under exceptional circumstances and when required by the yacht charter company that provides the yacht for the sailing adventure. SAILORdudes will do everything in its power to advise you as quickly as possible and such a change will not automatically entitle you to cancel a booking. SAILORdudes will not accept any liability for delays, inconvenience or extra (travelling) expenses incurred by the client.



Although it has luckily never happened, SAILORdudes must reserve the right to cancel or change a sailing adventure due to any circumstances beyond control of SAILORdudes (including sudden illness of the skipper without an available replacement, the outbreak of war, riots, epidemics, 'force majeure', unexpected unavailability of the yacht or circumstances related to the sailing area that make travelling undesirable or impossible). SAILORdudes will always do its best to provide an alternative sailing adventure or provide a refund of the amount paid to SAILORdudes when no alternative can be provided, less expenses already incurred by SAILORdudes in relation to the booking of the sailing adventure. SAILORdudes is not liable for any (travelling) expenses incurred by the client as a result of alterations or cancellation.

Once your group or tailor-made sailing adventure has started, SAILORdudes will not be liable for any loss, delay, inconvenience or extra expenses caused to the client for any reason.

We reserve the right to make a charge of € 25 for the administration involved in altering a booking upon request of a client after the sailing adventure arrangements have been made.



No refunds are allowed in respect of unused (portions of) services of any kind. No SAILORdudes representatives or agents are authorised to promise refunds.

There can be situations where SAILORdudes cannot deliver (part of) their services as advertised. In case of such situations, refunds to SAILORdudes clients fully depend on any refunds or alternative compensations that suppliers (e.g. airlines and yacht charter companies) offer to SAILORdudes. Only when refunds or alternative compensations are offered to SAILORdudes by its suppliers, it can also be offered to SAILORdudes clients. Examples of the said situations are:

  • Delayed arrival of the skipper due to circumstances beyond control of SAILORdudes (e.g. airport restrictions, flight cancellations, etc.)
  • Replacement of the originally planned gay skipper by another (potentially non-gay) skipper due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness)
  • An alternative yacht (e.g. brand, size, type, layout and/or built) than advertised
  • Delayed availability of the sailing yacht on the day of embarkation
  • Delays or interruptions of the sailing adventure due to unexpected circumstances such as e.g. technical failure
  • Circumstances beyond control of SAILORdudes (including the outbreak of war, riots, epidemics, travelling restrictions and ‘force majeure’ circumstances)

The skipper has complete authority over the ship and those on board. He has the right, at any time, to change the plans or itinerary due to weather or other circumstances. This is no reason for full or partial refund.

SAILORdudes will generally always do its best to find a solution for unexpected circumstances. If there would be any circumstance where a refund is given, the refund is always limited to the amount that was paid to SAILORdudes and will never cover other expenses such as e.g. for transportation and hotels that may have been incurred by the client.

Special condition due to Covid-19: Covid-19 related precautions may be required (e.g. by governments and/or SAILORdudes) to ensure safety on board of our cruises. These precautions may vary (e.g. a recent negative Covid-19 tests) and may become known/required until close to the departure date of our cruises. If a client does not accept any of the required precautions, the client will not be allowed to board the yacht and will have no right to receive a refund. Health monitoring during the cruise itself may also be required. If there are signals that a client may be infected with Covid-19, the client will need to isolate himself and seek medical assistance immediately on shore. Only when medical examination proves that the client has no Covid-19 infection, the client can rejoin the cruise. Else, the client will unfortunately need to leave the cruise at his own expense and has no right to receive a refund. Note that an infection of one guest may influence the rest of the cruise for the entire group. This depends on local protocols and is no reason for refund for anyone. A self test will be done before the start of each cruise to reduce such risks.



If unforeseen major changes occur for example in other taxes, VAT, exchange rates or fuel costs, then we regrettably have to reserve the right to pass these extra costs on to the client.


Payment for your sailing adventure

A deposit of 50% of the total price of the sailing adventure will be invoiced once the booking form has been received by SAILORdudes and must be paid within 1 week. The remaining balance of the payment for the sailing adventure must be received eight weeks prior to departure. Other terms may apply for specific destinations and tailor-made adventures, and will in that case be mentioned on the quotation and/or invoice.

If the remaining balance is not received by the due date, SAILORdudes reserves the right to cancel the booking for sailing adventure, retain the deposit and to levy cancellation charges according to the prescribed scale set out below. Bookings made within the eight week period must be paid in full at the time of booking.

All payments should be made by one of the payment methods as provided on the booking form. An additional fee may be levied depending on the selected payment method.

Tailor-made sailing adventures: a refundable security deposit is required upon embarkation and will cover any damage to and/or loss of the yacht and her equipment during the charter. The amount depends on the yacht type. Some charter companies offer an optional security deposit reduction insurance, which is recommended by SAILORdudes. The skipper is never responsible for the said damage to and/or loss of the yacht regardless whether the yacht was booked by SAILORdudes or the client itself. The party booking the tailor-made sailing adventure is responsible for handling all the contractual paperwork at the base including payment of the security deposit (credit cards like MasterCard and Visa are usually accepted) or paying for the security deposit reduction insurance. Refundable security deposits will be refunded to the party at the end of the adventure, less any costs for damage repair and/or loss.



Must be made by email, by the main booker/contact person who booked the sailing adventure. Cancellations must be received by SAILORdudes prior to the departure date to be valid. The date that the cancellation email is received at our office (Central European Time) will be the date used to determine cancellation charges which are levied on the following scale:

  • Up to 61 days before departure – Loss of deposit
  • 60 days to day of departure – 100% of the sailing adventure cost

SAILORdudes recommends to arrange cancellation insurance.

Tailor-made sailing adventures: Expenses that have not yet been paid may be (partially) refunded. The yacht price may also be (partially) refunded if the charter company can rent the yacht to another party and depending on the conditions of the yacht charter company that provides the yacht.

Special condition due to Covid-19:

  • Group sailing adventures: a booking may be cancelled free of charge in case of closed borders for travelling in the client's country or the country where the group sailing adventure takes place. Personal circumstances, such as being unable or unwilling to meet a country's entry requirements, are not eligable for a cancellation free of charge. SAILORdudes will still evaluate cancellation requests depending on actual circumstances.
  • Tailor-made sailing adventures: if arrangements are cancelled under certain circumstances, charter companies may issue vouchers instead of a refund. These vouchers have a certain validity and can be used for future arrangements. It is the client's risk if a voucher appears to be unusable for some reason, e.g. due to bankruptcy of the charter company. Further special conditions may apply depending on the chosen charter company, and as defined on the quotation.



In the unfortunate event that you feel you have cause for complaint during one of our sailing adventures please report the matter to your skipper and/or charter company without delay so they have the possibility to resolve the matter immediately for you. Any complaint should be given in writing to SAILORdudes not more than 14 days following the end of the sailing adventure. Any dispute arising out of this complaint which cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties shall be referred to arbitration.

Complaints during tailor-made adventures have to be resolved directly between the main booker/contact person and the charter company. SAILORdudes can provide assistance but is no party in the dispute.

In applying to participate in a SAILORdudes sailing adventure, you acknowledge that you are entering into a contract with SAILORdudes and that any dispute or legal action arising out of the contract or subsequent trip will be arbitrated or handled in Dutch courts.


Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

SAILORdudes adventures are smoke-free as indicated in the 'What to expect' information. Any exceptions should be agreed upon before booking. We strongly discourage smoking, however, since it can damage and litter the surface of the yacht, especially while sailing. In all cases, however, any smoking is never permitted below decks on any yacht. Any damage caused as a result of smoking must be paid by the individual that caused it, or all smokers on board if it remains unclear who caused it. We reserve the right to put people ashore without any right for refund if their alcohol or tobacco consumption disturbs other clientele or is deemed by our crew to be likely to damage the yacht. This also applies to the possession or use of any kind of drugs on board, which is not tolerated under any circumstances. Consequences and any costs are under complete responsibility of the person(s) involved.



Safety on board is an important aspect that your skipper will focus on and explain during the briefing. For safety and security reasons, clients must follow the orders of the skipper at all times. As with all activities, however, also sailing comes with a certain amount of risk involved for accidents and personal injuries. SAILORdudes does not accept any liability for these risks and any other risks in connection to the sailing adventures or other activities that are offered by SAILORdudes, which we assume are well understood by all participants. Nor do we accept liability for the loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings, including cash. Individuals are responsible for their personal safety and for the safety of their belongings.

Should the skipper consider that an individual's behaviour is disturbing the enjoyment of other people on the sailing adventure, then SAILORdudes reserves the right to "put that individual ashore" without any right for refund whereupon SAILORdudes' responsibility will end with regard to that individual.

If a participant causes damage to the yacht and/or its inventory, the repair and/or replacement costs must be paid by the respective participant.

For tailor-made adventures the client will be responsible for signing the contracts with the charter company at the base before departure, whereby any disputes between the client and the charter company must be resolved directly between them. Furthermore, although the skipper will of course do his utmost best to be careful, the client itself is fully responsible for yacht damages and/or yacht loss. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the yacht and skipper are insured against personal and financial liabilities. As also explained under “Payment for your sailing adventure”, SAILORdudes recommends the client to take security deposit reduction insurance, to reduce financial risks in case of damages to and/or loss of the yacht. Damages and losses as a result of gross negligence (as per the skipper’s judgement) are never covered by any security deposit reduction insurance.

For tailor-made adventures without a SAILORdudes skipper, it is the responsibility of the main booker/contact person to return the yacht on the agreed date and time to the agreed location. Failure to do so may result in costs for which the main booker/contact person is liable.


Holiday / Travel Insurance Protection

It is a requirement that all clients arrange holiday/travel insurance by themselves and that is suitable for sailing adventures. SAILORdudes also recommends to arrange cancellation insurance. SAILORdudes will not be held liable for loss or damage suffered by the client whether insured, insufficiently insured or uninsured. All clients of SAILORdudes need to be aware of this and acquire their own insurances, suitable for sailing adventures.

Privacy policy

SAILORdudes Sailing Adventures is a trade name of Byte Works B.V., hereinafter called 'SAILORdudes'.

SAILORdudes respects your privacy. In this Privacy Policy we explain what we do with information that we receive or collect from you. Any questions about this Privacy Policy and be addressed to us, using the contact details as explained on our webpage 'Contact'. Also and at any time, you may request us to delete all of Your Personal Information.


SAILORdudes only uses technical and functional cookies, as well as analytical cookies that do not compromise your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer, tablet or smartphone during the first visit to our website. The cookies we use are needed for technical purposes and convenient use of our site. They ensure a correct functioning of our site and may remember setting preferences if/where applicable. You can avoid the use of cookies with help of the settings of your internet browser. Those settings will also enable you to remove any information that may have been previously stored.

Privacy Policy changes

In case of any changes to our Privacy Policy, we can make those available upon request at all times, and for which we can be contacted via the contact information on our website on webpage 'Contact'. Our actual Privacy Policy can also be found at all times on our website.

Newsletters and mailings

We may sometimes get in touch with you for new cruises, goods or other offerings. When you make a booking and/or contact us via a form on our website or email, we assume that you agree to communication via email. You will always reserve the right to stop being contacted by us and in every email we send, we will offer the opportunity to do so.

Your Personal Information

Your Personal Information refers to Personal Information about you. For example your first and last name, address, passport details, email address and/or phone numbers, online profiles and/or pictures, all preferences related to your booking, any medical specifics you may have provided to us as well as all details in any of the forms on our website that you made use of, to communicate with us. Also included is information about any travelling companions that you provided us with. In such cases it is your responsibility to inform your travelling companions about our Privacy Policy and ensure they agree that you provide their Personal Information during all communications with us. Whenever you use one of the forms on our website www.SAILORdudes.com, send us an email and/or communicate with us in general, we may collect your information and update it if we feel necessary to do so.

How we use Your Personal Information

SAILORdudes does not disclose Your Personal Information to others, except for purposes related to the booking and execution of your sailing holiday. These may include legally required and non-legally required purposes. Your Personal information may furthermore be used to communicate and do business with you, and to handle everything else needed that is related to your holiday in general. If you do not agree to the way we use Your Personal Information, we cannot accept you as a guest on our sailing cruises.

Links to other websites

On some pages of our website www.SAILORdudes.com, there may be links to other sites that are out of our control. If you decide to click on a link to another website, it is your own responsibility to check for the content, status and Privacy Policy of such sites. In any case, SAILORdudes is not responsible for the content, actions, nor the Privacy Policy of such websites.


You may always request us to send a copy of Your Personal Information that we have in our files. You may also request us to remove (part of) Your Personal Information. If you request us to remove (part of) Your Personal Information, prior to joining a sailing cruise for which you made a booking with us, we may have to consider that as a cancellation from your side as we may no longer be able to fulfil (legal) obligations where the use of Your Personal Information is required or needed.

Security statement

Your Personal Information is at all times kept in password protected data storage locations and SAILORdudes will take all reasonable measures to keep Your Personal Information secure.