Gay yacht charter | Tailor-made

Let us organise your own gay yacht charter anywhere in the world and in any way you like! Also for special occasions such as:

  • A honeymoon with your sexy husband
  • Your birthday
  • Or any other occasion that deserves a special celebration!

Just tell us where and when you want to travel including some other details that we need about your sailing gay yacht charter, and we will search the best options for you. We do this with help of our global yacht database, where we can find yachts on many locations and in all price ranges. And we always offer you a special SAILORdudes discount on top of the net prices that are offered by the sailing yacht charter company! Just because we love sailing, and love sharing our passion with you.

Fill out the tailor-made enquiry form on our contact page. On that form you can indicate some further details like your budget range and specific yacht requirements like the number of cabins. You can also indicate if you need a skipper of just the yacht itself. In a nutshell, everything is possible and we're fully open minded and flexible for any special wish you may have in mind. And if you like to be nude on board, we can also provide a gay nude skipper to share the freedom of sailing in the buff with you 😉

Gay yacht charters anywhere in the world

Example sailing areas

We can help you if you have not yet made up your mind where to go. We can  discuss via email and also chat on Skype. Our sailing areas webpage with many pictures and area information may also help you to find your favorite destination.

The pictures here are examples of sailing areas where we have been so far and give you perhaps some inspiration. But we can organise your sailing holiday anywhere in the world, as long as there is water and yachts available 😉

As a first step, kindly send us your tailor-made enquiry via the contact page, and then we take it from there.

Sailing yacht or Catamaran?

gay sailing catamaran yacht

Guys often ask us for advice with the choice between a sailing yacht (monohull) and a catamaran. We have listed the main differences below, which hopefully helps to let you make the right choice.

  • A sailing yacht heels over, depending on wind force. A catamaran heels over very little to none
  • Because of the heeling effect, a sailing yacht offers a more "sporty" sailing experience than a catamaran
  • A sailing yacht has a deck and cockpit to relax, whereas catamarans have a net in front between both hulls on which you can relax above the water
  • The floor space of a catamaran is bigger than on a sailing yacht, which is noticeable in the saloon and kitchen area. Catamarans also have a larger seating area at the back.
  • Sailing yachts are generally cheaper to rent than catamarans
  • Catamarans require more space to dock in a port, which can be challenging in busy seasons. An early arrival to the port may then be needed.
  • Cats are generally stable on anchor, also with small waves. Sailing yachts can keep moving in anchorages that are not fully protected from waves.
  • When under sail with bigger waves, however, sailing yachts are more stable than catamarans

We hope this helps you to choose your floating home, or else just contact us to discuss further.