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Smiling gay guy on sailing yacht


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What others say about their cruise with SAILORdudes...

We're very proud of an overall satisfaction score of 9.4 !

What an awesome week!

We had a great week of sailing in the Ionian Sea. René organised a tailor-made trip for a group of 7 friends. The skipper is very experienced and was able to adapt to the group easily. René found the right balance in being responsible and enjoying the fun on board with us. Thanks!

Robert & Neo | Netherlands | September 2021

Wow! very great experience around the Ionian Islands. Beautiful bays and harbours. Very kind and interesting group… it was my first sailing tour and I felt always safe, because the skipper took care and explained everything !!! And because of the spots, the atmosphere on board and all other impressions! – I will do it again next time 🙂

Markus | Germany | August 2021

What a fantastic cruise it was! Relaxing, and a bit of learning how to sail. I saw a beautiful part of Greece and we visited picturesque villages and bays. On top of that a nice and colorful group of guys from six (!) countries. All thanks to skipper René who recruited them. As they say “All people become brothers (or sisters :-))” in this way. Is it summer 2022 yet? 😀

Ivo | NL | July 2021

Very relaxing sailing week with a very experienced skipper. So no need to have any sailing experience, but if you have, he is willing to learn you even more. Thanks René for the wonderful sailing adventure in beautiful Greece!

Frank | Amsterdam | July 2021

Amazing experience, and wonderful crew! I could not ask for a better week sailing around the Greek islands, making new friends, discovering unbeatable beaches, inspiring landscapes and hidden towns. And, of course, with a great tan! I recommend the experience and this organization 100%!

Pablito | France | June 2021

We had a lovely sail (Sporades 2020). René took us to amazing spots and we had lots of fun!!! I am ready for a replay in 2021!!!!

Nerico | Switzerland | August 2020

My first sailing holiday! And definitely not the last one. Sun & fun is what we had, good winds and very nice company. Thank you!

Mikel | Spain | September 2019

What a wonderful holiday I had traveling around the islands of Greece. Such fun and to make live long friends as well from all over the world, Thanks Rene for the amazing time…. can not wait for the next one!

Geoff | New Zealand | August 2018

​I sailed with SAILORdudes around Greece in August 2018 and by far René has proved his small business has one big heart. He provides an exceptional level of customer service right from the time of booking through until post sail. We had a fabulous group who all bonded together very well. René is sure to keep an upbeat atmosphere while on tour.

Thank you for a wonderful week and look forward to next year!

Damian | New Zealand | August 2018

Great week! Perfect combination of sailor dudes (6 different nationalities on board!), moorings in secluded bays and nice little harbors. This was our third cruising experience with René and, as always everything was well organized.

JC & Emmanuel | Paris | September 2018

I highly recommend to sail with Rene. He’s a great guy, very funny and kind. He’s very clear since the beginning of the trip and he’s always there to help and share his experience as skipper. Some evenings we had dinner together on a bay and I felt like I was having it with family. So much fun and places to discover together. I’m looking forward for the next trip!

Jair | Mexico | September 2018

Great sailing trip with amazing scenery around the Dodecanese. René did a very good job as a captain to put together a great team of guests. We loved this journey from the first minute and all the way to the end. Thank you for giving us this wonderful experience. We will totally do it again!

Dani & Knut | Norway | August 2018

Wow, we hadn’t seen that coming! Becoming sailing addicts right from day 1 🙂 Love spending time on the water, loved the cool group of great guys that we met on board (Rob, be prepared: we come and visit you soon!). Sharing sundowners on deck in the buff (we joined a nude sailing trip and never realised that we are nudists lol) and just relax in the sun and water all day. Rene’s sailing enthusiasm shows, perhaps because he apparently only sails a few weeks a year so he seems to enjoy it just as much as we do. Very organised, very clear in communications, and great guy to talk to. Wow, thanks to all dudes we met for the great time. We’ll be back!

Allan & Steve | Miami | February 2018

Great trip with nice guys, verrrrry relaxed! Thanks a lot for a wonderful week in Greece!

Michiel | Rotterdam | September 2017

A week in paradise! The most beautiful islands, an excellent skipper, an amazing group of guys… if only everyday life could be like that! 😉

Alex | Australia | August 2017

I enjoyed very much sailing with René, thanks to his involvement in the safety/well-being of us all, there was a very nice athmosphere on board, the way it should be during holidays 😉

Thomas | France | February 2017

A very nice trip with very nice guys!

Van der Graaf | Rotterdam | August 2016

This year’s travel was for the 4th time in a row. Different area’s in the world and allways Rene as skipper. A Great combination. Look forward to my next trip!

Alfred | June 2016

This was the fourth trip with SAILORdudes, and another great sailingweek in a paradise-like area. Both the skipper (René) and group were great!

Alfred & Eduard | Groningen | May 2016

Our Seychelles trip was absolutely amazing! Beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and wonderful group of people. Thank you for this nice experience again!

A & F | Spain | May 2016

This was my fourth sailing with SAILORdudes, and I had really high expectations for our adventure around beautiful Seychelles. And my expectations were fulfilled every single day. Our communication before and during the sailing was direct and easy, and the organisation of the trip was flawless. Our yacht was below the standards we have had on our previous sailing adventures – in particular we had challenges with keeping food cold in a fridge that did not really keep our food and drinks cold. But then the beautiful nature around us, the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly skipper and dudes made it easy to forget such everyday challenges. This was my fourth sailing adventure in four years, and it has become a highlight of the year.

SAILORdudes note: the yacht charter company admitted their short-comings despite what they clearly advertised with, and provided a suitable refund and extra sailing time as compensation for the inconveniences.

Chris | Norway | May 2016

Just returned from our first sailing experience with Sailordudes in Thailand and we had such a great experience we have already booked a second sailing adventure!! Rene is a very friendly professional person who organized an excellent trip. We had a great time not only sailing, but also snorkeling and discovering amazing landscapes difficult to see without a sailing boat.

Alex & François | Barcelona | Spain | March 2015

I sailed with SAILORdudes in Thailand. Rene did an amazing job organizing the trip and ensuring that everything went smoothly. From the start to finish, I would highly recommend this company for your sailing adventures. Rene is professional and is thorough in his research of sailing locations and making sure that everyone is having a good time.

Jason | USA | May 2015

This is our second year sailing with René and we already know we will be back in 2016. Our cruise in Thailand was just perfect, from the logistic organization to the chosen route or the quality of the boat. But more than anything else, we shared unforgettable moments with our sailing friends. René is an expert in making each and everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. He is extremely professional preparing the everyday routes and never forgetting the security on board. Thank you so much!

Phil and Serge | Paris | April 2015

Thank you René for this beautiful experience in the islands around Kos and your friendship, we will never forget this week!

M + S | USA | August 2014

I was more than happy to sail this July in Croatia with Sailordudes. Not only that the boat was in a perfect state and the landscapes wonderful, but René, our skipper, is by far the most friendly and, at the same time, the most professional I ever met. He paid a lot of attention on the everyday life on board so that everyone feels comfortable, always considers security as the priority but stays very flexible on the daily routes… Thanks to him, I also learned some basic things to be able to help in the sailing (which I like but stays optional!). As a result, we spent an unforgettable week with a great crew, having fun on board and at night on the marinas, sunbathing with or without clothes, relaxing and swimming in warm and transparent waters. This is why I can’t wait sailing with René again and, of course, I strongly recommend Sailordudes to any guy who really wants to experience something different in the best conditions. Thank you so much, René!

Philippe | France | July 2014

What a great week we spent sailing this summer! René is the best skipper you can imagine. Very professional, taking care of everything on board, from security to routes, but also very concerned about making all the guys feeling good, in a very friendly atmosphere. I definitively loved sailing with those very friendly guys coming from the US, the Netherlands, UK and France. Freedom was the keyword: help sailing if you want, sunbath naked if you want, improvise great diners or take a nap before you swim… Thanks, René and let’s sail again very soon!

Serge | France | July 2014

It might look as a risk, going sailing abroad and be 24/7 on a 50ft yacht with men from all over THE world that you have never met before. And IT is. But when you like boating, some adventure and willing to learn in a group, skipper René is THE best choice!

Alfred | Netherlands | July 2014

SAILORdudes is a wonderful way to travel, to discover islands and spend a unique vacation! We highly recommend it!

Nicolas and Antoine | St Etienne | France | June 2014

Wonderfull adventure, perfectly organised and managed. Captain totally friendly and funny but at same time very professional. I have just to say thank you!!

Michele | Genoa (IT) | May 2014

Yay! Where to start? I did not really know what to expect when signing up for this sailing adventure in Croatia – but I had a great week on board with Rene and the rest of the boys. First of all – thanks to everyone for contributing with sailing, shopping, cooking, drink-mixing (love you, Bart), good stories, language classes and all the other details that made the week so good. And a particular thank you to Rene, who made sure we all felt safe and well taken care of. Of course it also helped that the sky was blue, the sun shining and the water clear. If you are curious about the level of participation – it is good if you want to help out when sailing – but you do not have to be an experienced sea-man to go for a sailing adventure. I will do it again!

Chris | Norway | August 2013

We had an incredible week. Our group and our skipper was topnotch, a perfect way to see the islands. It had fun, adventure, great food and a host of new experiences as well as a really great group of guys, not to mention our anniversary surprise party! Pre-trip expectations were exceeded. Looking forward to the next voyage xo

Scott and Santosh | Canada | July 2013

This was my first sailing trip. I had a great time with Sailordudes and I know I will try to do this once a year. A blown-away experience!

Alfred | Groningen | June 2013

All information prior to the adventure was already very clear, just like the skipper’s smooth explanations and who was very competent to sail the yacht and manage the group in a very friendly way and making everybody feel part of the team. I wonder how vacations could be better than these ones. In one word: perfect! It was a heavenly time for me with a great group and skipper.

Aloïs | Paris-France | May 2013

The sailing week near Kos was really wonderful. It was my first sailing experience and I am very positive about this kind of holidays. A very nice mixture of relaxation and activities. Thanks to skipper René everything was well organized and everybody could enjoy their first sailing experience after some briefings and explanations. I was pleasantly surprised how this kind of vacation really distracts you from the daily routine and brings you to ‘another world’.

Henk vdB | Netherlands | May 2013

Our group feel we hit the jackpot with René as our Captain. He was very professional when it came to sailing, making us feel we were quite well cared for, and had nothing to worry about safety wise. He also has a very easy to like personality. Positive, flexible, stable. He adapted to what the conditions were with great ease and grace. And, honored our requests whenever he could. If he could not for some reason, he would explain why in a way where we “got it” and all could move forward feeling positive. He also has excellent taste in music, and it was fun to share our favorites. I highly recommend Rene and would not hesitate for a second to book a trip with him. We met some other captains in our travels and were consistently so handful we had Rene!

Bryan | USA | Oct 2012
Gay sailing Mallorca