Gay sailing Turkey

Check the sailing area out where we may plan our organised gay sailing Turkey cruises. We can also organise your own tailor-made sailing cruise in this or other areas in the Mediterranean, with and without a gay skipper.

Turkey | Göcek | Lycian coast

Explore the Turkish coast

The stunning and historic Lycian coastline is scattered with small villages, where visiting sailors are always welcomed by the locals. Turkish hospitality is famous and guarantees you will be very well looked after if you go ashore. The area is perfect for those dudes with a spirit of adventure. Overnight stays on our adventures vary from modern marinas to remote anchorages in inlets and creeks, with only basic shore side facilities.

The passages between islands are mostly short, providing plenty of time to enjoy all the pleasures of sailing as well as going ashore. The sailing season runs from April 15 through November 15, with an average of 10 hours of sunlight every day. Gentle and warm winds seldom exceed 15 knots. The only exception to the tame winds is the summer meltemi, which can blow strongly from the northwest or west-northwest, especially in July and August at its maximum. Out of the bays the influence of the open water will then become noticeable. Bays may become more crowded in peak season.

​Typical places to visit are Göcek, Fethiye, Ekincik, Capi creek and Sarsala.

Best time
May to October

​Average daily cruising distance
10 - 15 NM | 2 - 4 hours

​Mooring fees
Rare, with the exception of modern marinas