Gay sailing Thailand

Check this sailing area out where we plan our organised gay sailing Thailand cruises. We can also organise your own tailor-made sailing cruise in this or other areas in the region, with and without a gay skipper.

Thailand | Phuket

Paradise between Phuket and Krabi​

The Andaman sea is amongst of the most beautiful sailing areas on Earth! Sail past huge rock formations, drop anchor near secluded beaches, and visit small authentic villages in the area that are still unspoilt and can only be reached over water. Besides this, Thailand is known as the 'Country with a smile', which you will most likely notice yourself when meeting the friendly and helpful local people. The climate is warm (and humid), ensuring comfortable water temperatures.

The area is also great for scuba diving and together with the nice Thai food, all ingrediënts should be there for an unforgettable sailing adventure!

The beauty of the area was also the reason for being used as the decor for well-known movies like James Bond's 'The Man with the Golden Gun', which was recorded on an island, nowadays also known as the 'James Bond island'. Another movie is 'The Beach' with Leonardo di Caprio. You can be an actor in your own movie when we visit these places 😉

Skippers note: We did not see James Bond 🙂 But it is a fantastic sailing area with unique nature, great Thai food and the famous smile of the friendly Thai people.

Best time
All year round sailing is possible, with November to April being dryer with more stable winds and calmer seas. May to October has occasional tropical monsoon showers, which are heavy but usually short and with more challenging sailing conditions.

​Average daily cruising distance
15 - 25 NM | 3 - 5 hours

​Mooring fees
Fees apply when visiting National Parks. Count on approx. 15 euro per person per visit, and about 4 visits in total.