Gay sailing Seychelles

Check this sailing area out where we plan our organised gay sailing Seychelles cruises. We can also organise your own tailor-made sailing cruise in this or other areas in the Indian ocean, with and without a gay skipper.


Sandy beaches and great snorkeling​

The Seychelles is famous for its white sandy beaches against spectacular granite formations. It is not without reason that Bacardi shot some commercials on one of the beaches in this area. The sea life is also fantastic and even just by snorkeling you will see turtles, rays, tuna and lots of other fish in crystal clear water.

Most islands are within close reach, leaving plenty of time for exploring the islands, the sea life and preparing the BBQ for freshly caught tuna!

Many products are imported in this area which causes a somewhat higher price level for items such as groceries and dining in restaurants.

Skippers note: the Seychelles are a great area that combines all ingredients for an exotic sailing adventure: palm trees, white sandy beaches, clear water and beautiful sea life!

Best time
May to early October

​Average daily cruising distance
10 - 25 NM | 2 - 5 hours

​Mooring fees
Apply mostly in marinas and national parks and are by average 5-10 Euro per person/day. Such fees are sometimes also charged in bays outside national parks.