Gay sailing French Polynesia

Check out the sailing areas where we plan our organised gay sailing French Polynesia. We can also organise your own tailor-made sailing cruise in this or other areas in the Pacific, with and without a gay skipper.

French Polynesia | Tahiti | Bora Bora

Also known as: Paradise!​

​Offering some of the very best sailing in the Southern Pacific and in the world, Tahiti and its nearby islands such as Bora Bora is a fantastic place to sail. Set amidst a dramatic backdrop of beautiful islands, spectacular atolls, lush green peaks, protected bays, quiet lagoons with tranquil aqua-colored water and stunning beaches, sailing here is the perfect way to relax. The sea life is also beautiful, and of course there is the opportunity for scuba diving.​

Typical islands to visit are Raiatea, Huahine, Tahaa and world-famous Bora Bora, also well known by the jet set. Tahaa offers a great view on Bora Bora and is also known for its vanilla production, which can be tasted in local restaurants. The lagoons are crystal clear and have a rich sea life that you can often see just passing by our sailing yacht, including dolphins! Blue lagoons, white beaches, coral reefs, palm trees... As said: paradise!​

Skippers note: trust me: the colors on these pictures are not photoshopped! 🙂 Although this destination is not around the corner for most people, it is truly worth visiting and one of the most spectacular areas I have ever sailed!

Best time
April to June. All year round is possible but wet season is from December to March.

​Average daily cruising distance
10 - 20 NM | 2 - 5 hours

​Mooring fees
Rare, except for some mooring buoys owned by restaurants