Gay nude sailing cruises

Gay nude sailing cruises by SAILORdudes (or SAILORnudes 😉 ) are specifically meant for sporty dudes that like nudism or naturism. You can enjoy being without your clothes on and around the sailing yacht all the time 24/7! All our other sailing adventures are clothing optional by the way, because it is our experience that most of you like to be nude during some part of the day anyway. Whether it is for sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling or just relaxing on the deck. The privacy that our comfortable yachts offers make all of that perfectly possible!

On this type of holidays we expect you to share the joy of being naked, where and when appropriate of course. We try to find nice secluded bays for our lunch and overnight stops as much as possible, to enjoy the privacy of our yacht. In this way the freedom of sailing is even more fun, not having to bother about what to wear (which will save us all a lot of time, right? :-)) or where to dry your wet speedos. The idea behind this type of active sailing holidays  is total freedom with like minded guys surrounded by beautiful nature.

Nudist cruises are specifically described as such in the cruise information. You can find all of our currently planned trips on page Sailing cruises. And of course we can also organise your own tailor-made cruise, with or without a nude skipper.

The pictures below were taken during some of our trips. Enjoy!

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Nude sailing gallery

Two naked gay guys steering sailing yacht
Gay guys showing nude ass on sailing boat
Nude gay guy reading a book on catamaran
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Two guys on gay nude sailing cruise
Naked gay guy sunbathing on sailing yacht
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Gay guys on a naked hike with sailing yachts in Greece in the background
Gay naked guy drinking beer on sailing yacht in Croatia
Nude gay guys behind sailing yacht steering wheel in Greece
Naked guy waking up on gay nude sailing cruise in Greece

Interested in a nude sailing adventure?

Have you become interested in spending a holiday in the buff? Check our currently planned gay nude sailing cruises page to see which trip you fancy.

Is it your first time and are you hesitating? Feel free to contact us and ask us anything you want. All we can say is that we never had anyone who did not like the experience :-). Being naked together with other like minded guys becomes the new 'normal' very quickly. And it can make a sailing vacation in beautiful nature even more special and perhaps even liberating!

Nude guy sitting on sailing yacht bow in Greece