What to expect from your gay sailing holiday

We find it important that you get everything out of your gay sailing holiday! To make sure you have an idea what the life of a sailor dude on board of a sailing yacht is all about -especially if you haven't sailed before- we have provided the detailed information below. This information gives you an idea what you may expect regarding your gay skipper, yacht, clothing, expenses and the daily program.

Please read this carefully and feel free to contact us if any questions remain. We are happy to hear from you and answer them.


Meet your skipper(s)...

Hi, my name is René. I am based in Holland and l-o-v-e sailing, which is ​why I organise a few sailing trips each year to share this fantastic kind of holiday with others.​ I have been sailing for more than 15 years now, and have meanwhile visited great sailing areas on our planet for a number of groups and with sailor dudes from all over the world. The pictures I took during those trips can be found on this site. In the past I have been a tour guide for ski safaris and although I still go snowboarding each year, I organize trips in warmer climates nowadays :-).

Besides the safety on board as a main priority at all times, I will do my best to let you enjoy your active gay sailing holiday in the way you like! Whether this is working on your tan from sunrise to sunset, picking up some sailing skills for becoming a true sailor dude, swimming, snorkeling, taking a stroll on a beach or in a village, catching fresh fish for the beach BBQ, it is up to you!

For most organised group adventures I will be your skipper. For tailor-made adventures that request a (naturist) gay skipper and bigger group adventures, I sometimes also work together with other skippers that sail for SAILORdudes. You find some of them on the photos.


Your floating home and bedroom

The sailing yacht will be our (non-smoking) home for the duration of the trip and is fully equipped for a comfortable stay. Even though we should be cautious with water and electricity (we usually don't have 110/220V on board), you will generally find everything you need such as cabins with beds, a kitchen with a stove and fridge, a toilet, shower and a saloon area. We usually take showers on the stern of the yacht by the way. It's just as easy and the view that comes with it is priceless!

The yacht size and number of berths on board will vary depending on the size of the group (or your preference for tailor-made adventures) but we usually have yachts accommodating 8 to 10 persons. Cabins vary in size and either have double or bunk beds and sleep 2 persons each. Keep in mind that all beds will probably be smaller than you are used to at home. Also, most yachts do not have air conditioning unless specifically mentioned. If you prefer some more privacy, a bunk bed is smaller but is for you alone without someone next to you. You can indicate your preference in your booking and if you want a guaranteed type of bed, please indicate so clearly in the booking. Early bookers usually get to choose their preferred cabin first. If there are free berths, the skipper may decide to take a cabin for himself (which will in that case of course not be the biggest one ;-)). Our aim is always to rent yachts in perfect technical condition although there is of course never a guarantee that any (technical) issues of some kind can occur. The images on the left are examples of what a yacht looks like.

Daily program

Swim, sunbathe, sail and relax ...​

Your skipper will prepare the navigation to the next bay or village in the morning while the group organises breakfast. After breakfast, there will be a short briefing about expected weather conditions, the route to our next destination, suggested lunch/swim stops on our way and the expected sailing time. When that's done, the yacht should be prepared for leaving and off we go! In the evenings we may end up swimming under the moonlight, chatting in the cockpit or near a beach fire or partying on deck and dancing under the stars! Suggestions by the group about the program are welcome at any time. The skipper, however, may exercise a veto when it comes to safety or route planning issues. Weather is also an important fact and may give reason to alter the planned route.

The very first day of our adventure is used to arrange provisioning by the group, unpack your bags and organise your cabin, have a welcome drink with your fellow sailor dudes and get a briefing about safety and some other housekeeping stuff. Only when sufficient time remains to sail we will do so, but generally we leave the day after arrival. The evening before the end of the trip we will make our way back to the final destination. After a final group dinner we must disembark the yacht on the final day at the time indicated, which is usually in the morning. Also check the information provided on the sailing cruises page for the specific cruise you intend to join.


... is optional | Luggage​

Being on our own yacht offers a lot of privacy so you can feel free to either work on your tan lines or be nude and getting rid of them because all organised gay sailing holidays are clothing optional (where appropriate and in the cockpit and/or during meals we may wear something depending on the groups preference). Some trips are specific gay nude sailing cruises for those that like naturism and like to stay naked on the sailing yacht in general. Naked sailing holidays are specifically announced as such under the detailed sailing cruise information.

​​And travelling without (too much) clothes may help because in any case you should leave your big hard-case Samsonites at home since storage space is limited and life on board does not need to be as glamorous as on land (right ?) :-). Best is to pack light and bring a soft bag that can be flattened or folded. Areas we sail in are generally warm but be prepared for the occasional chilly evening or rain shower.

​Recommended/suggested items to bring besides the usual clothes are:

  • Sunglasses, hat, wind/rain proof jacket
  • Closed toe shoes (without black/dark soles since they leave stains on the deck)
  • Water shoes
  • Sailing gloves -if you have them- to protect your fingers when assisting the skipper. Limited pairs of gloves are on board
  • Snorkeling equipment (i.e. if you like snorkeling)
  • Toiletries including shower gel/shampoo and insect repellent
  • Sun protection (bring lots, also a higher SPF than usual is recommended due to water reflection and preferably no spray)
  • (waterproof) camera
  • Ear plugs and any sea sickness medication if you think you may need it
  • Beach towel

Bed linen and a towel (no beach towel) is usually provided unless indicated otherwise in the final information that you receive shortly before departure.


Additional expenses besides the yacht​​

The listed group adventure price already includes all costs directly related to the yacht rental, and we do not charge any booking costs. On top of that you should expect some additional expenses related to the trip (also applicable to tailor-made adventures) which are shared by the group and paid from a common wallet that is managed by one person in the group. It is common practice that the skipper is excluded from contributing to the common wallet.

Meals | Drinks

For meals on board we depend on local availability of groceries. Breakfast is usually done on board in a continental buffet style. Lunch as well (like pasta, a salad or sandwiches), although it may sometimes be an option to go on shore. Dinner can be prepared on board while in a bay, or -if the group prefers- we have dinner in a nearby restaurant where possible. Because of the variety of options, preferences and local prices it is hard to give an exact estimate of costs and we recommend to inform yourself about local price levels. In general, however, you should roughly expect about 75-100 euro per week for on board breakfast, lunch and general groceries (dudes, this excludes champagne breakfasts! :-)) and about 5 euro per person/day for onboard dinners. These estimates EXclude alcoholic beverages, so that comes on top depending on preference/consumption.

Harbour | Mooring fees

Cost differ highly per sailing area. There are usually no to very low fees in Greece but they can be anywhere between 20 and 80 euros per night in Croatia. Bays are generally free of charge but if we make use of so-called mooring buoys, there may be a fee (20-30 USD in the Caribbean) or free of charge when we have dinner in the restaurant that owns the buoy. Check the Sailing areas page for more information about expected fees in specific areas.

Fuel | Water

These costs are already included for organised group adventures. For tailor-made adventures, the fuel tank needs to be topped-up at the end of the holiday and the onboard water tanks must be filled as needed. A cost estimate is 50-100 EUR per week and per yacht, but varies depending on weather conditions and the type of yacht.


A happy family​

Even though we stay on a comfortable yacht, it is a limited space that we share with other -often international- dudes (ages range from end 20's to 40's). We also make an effort to match like-minded people and ages together on the same yacht, also due to cabin sharing with limited privacy. We mostly get sporty guys within the age range mentioned and that are looking for an active gay sailing holiday. The language spoken on board is always English. Besides sailing adventures, some ask about possible sexual adventures on board 🙂 Although this is not part of the general program on board SAILORdudes sailing cruises, anything can happen of course as on any holiday where people are in a happy mood. You would for sure not be the first to make new friendships and meet up with sailor dudes even long after the sailing cruise has ended. Everything else depends on if it's written in the stars 😉 The bottom line is that we want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible and that no-one is offended.

To make sure we keep cruising around as a happy family throughout the adventure, there are a couple of tasks where your participation is requested (also applicable to tailor-made adventures unless arranged otherwise):

  • Provisioning on the first day and shopping when needed during the trip
  • Organising meals on board
  • Cleaning up/dish-washing after meals
  • Keeping your cabin and the boat interior in general tidy (makes unexpected leaving a lot easier!)

​The skipper will help you organising on board tasks if needed but is in general busy with navigation, preparation and keeping the boat exterior tidy. After arriving at the overnight stop, the skipper is therefore in general off duty.

You = SAILOR dude?

That would be cool!

Sailor dudes should be sporty and fit since you stay on a yacht that moves with the waves and makes you exercise all day (free work-out for your six pack 😉 !). You must also be able to swim and be flexible in terms of 'going with the flow' so we can get the best out of each day together. Sailing experience is not required and if you are eager to pick up some sailing skills, your gay skipper will be more than happy to explain how it's done! If you are very sensitive to seasickness you may want to consider an area where seas are predominantly gentle (ask us for advice). If you are not too sensitive for seasickness, it can often be managed in various ways if it happens to you and should not influence your holiday too much.

So, if everything meets your expectations so far it would be great welcoming you on board as a SAILOR dude!

​Feel free contacting us in case of any remaining questions or doubts. Or proceed to fill out the booking form which is on our contact page if you are ready for joining a group sailing adventure with SAILORdudes. You will also find the tailor-made enquiry form on our contact page, if you want us to arrange something for your own party.